About Us

When we started out in 2015, our aim was to find affordable, yet effective solutions that took complete care of our body and soul. Our search led us to discover the many secrets of Ayurveda. This ancient Indian science blended our heritage and took us back to our roots. We used our findings to create a comprehensive range of beauty and wellness products. So that is how the story about SUTATVA NATURE CARE LLP and It's Brand Sutatva. 

Our promise is not about making you feel and look good, our promise is to build a relationship of trust. The trust you have when you buy a product from Sutatva. Our expert team at Sutatva guides you at every step of your journey for your wellbeing. We partake a role of going beyond mere physical application of our products. We identify our products with the functional association of the chakra system, helping us derive earth bound solutions that are sustain- able and steadfast. At Sutatva we find beauty is beyond the skin, it is a joy in the heart and we’d like to treasure every tiny speck of joy for life. We promise to walk along through your journey of self care. Nothing makes us deliriously happy than to see you smile with contentment and radiance. We open our arms with a promise of being by your side in every step you take of unveiling health, beauty and happiness.

In essence, the word ‘Sutatva’ means the purest elements of nature.

We believe that healing is a combination of using nature’s offerings in their most pristine form, along with managing lifestyle habits.

At our end, we make sure you get products that are created from pure and organically grown herbs. We share with you, our unshakable trust in the purity of nature’s creations.