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The colour ritual Combo

The colour ritual Combo

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Natural indigo and Henna powder

Natural indigo and Henna powder offer a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical hair dyes. They have been used for centuries across various cultures, not only for their coloring properties but also for their nourishing effects on hair. Whether used individually or in combination, they provide a natural way to achieve beautiful hair color while maintaining hair health.

 Key aspects of henna powder for hair coloring:

Natural and Safe: Henna is a natural alternative to synthetic hair dyes, making it popular among those looking for chemical-free options.

Color Result: When applied to hair, henna typically gives shades of red, ranging from coppery tones to deeper burgundy, depending on the natural color of your hair and how long you leave it on.

Conditioning Properties: Besides coloring, henna also conditions the hair, making it softer, shinier, and stronger.

Application method : Henna powder is mixed with water to form a paste, which is then applied to clean, dry hair. It needs to be left on for a few hours to allow the dye to transfer to the hair shaft.

Key aspects about Indigo:

Color Result: When combined with henna, Indigo produces shades ranging from brown to black, depending on the ratio of henna to indigo used and the base color of the hair.

Application: Indigo is typically used in conjunction with henna. First, henna is applied to the hair to provide a base color (usually red). After rinsing off the henna, indigo paste is applied to achieve darker shades.

Longevity: Indigo tends to fade more gradually than chemical hair dyes, resulting in a more natural look as it wears off.

 This Ritual Includes:

Natural Indigo Leaf Powder 250g 649 Henna & Indigo Hair Color 250g - 499 





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